Swyft Servers

At Swyft Servers we provide Creators with the opportunity to be able to have their own servers exactly how they want it.

The best part is that you as a Creator dont need to worry about anything, We create the servers from scratch to how you like them and will manage them for you!

Here it is all about you! Give us any ideas that you would like to see and we will make it happen!


  • Timeline

  • EvolvedRust


    EvolvedRust was our first passion project Rust Server early in our rust journey where we were testing the waters within Rust Server Management and what was possible with it, And it was safe to say that we loved it!

  • Maxudus


    This was our first very successfull Rust Server created for a creator named Max Mears where we provided him with the opportunity to have a server exactly the way the liked it. We created a perfectly low modded 2x Server with a very small map for players to have contact interaction so they would never run out of things to do!

  • OblivionRust

    2020 - 2022

    OblivionRust was a server that we ran for Oblivion, This was one of our most successfull servers with an all-time peak of around 950 players across all servers during late 2021. We had some awesome servers here including a perfectly balanced 2x Small which was and still remains as the most successfull 2x Small server the game has ever seen with playercounts peaking at 375 on wipe days and maintaining those counts for 3 days which is unheard about for servers like these!

  • EnardoServers - Rust

    2021 - Current

    EnardoServers Rust is a perfect server for Enardo's Community with 8 servers currently, all with their own style but all build around the same idea. Small maps called onegrid where players have constant interaction with others but these servers are not limited on groupsize unlike many other servers.

  • EnardoServers - MC

    2022 - 2024

    EnardoServers MC is our first Minecraft server for a Creator it is a server that Enardo always wanted to have, A perfect SkyBlock server for his community connected to an Event server where he could do events with his massive community.

  • WallysWorld


    WallysWorld was a server for Wally1k to create the server he loved and wanted for a long time, We created a perfectly balanced Vanilla server with some Quality Of Life changes that fit perfect within the possibilities of the game!

  • EasyAimTrain

    2022 - 2023

    EasyAimTrain was a server that was the perfect training ground for people to practice their aim in arenas made for that but also 1v1 other players or learn to fly a minicopter and scrap helicopters in a map with all monuments to not only learn to fly it but to master flying them!



We always try to create the best possible servers and wont stop until you like it!


We work with artist that will make the perfect designs for your brand on the servers.


We will completely manage your server, From setting it up to 24/7 maintaining it. You dont need to do anything!


We strive for perfection and we are always working to try and get that extra bit of performance to make your servers feel as smooth as possible!


We have a full admin team available 24/7 to help players with their issues.

Wide Variety

You need anything special? Dont worry we make sure it will happen! Anything is possible.